Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the program called 'El Mundo'?
It means 'The World' and Spanish is now the third most widely spoken
language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and English. With the growth of Spanish-speaking populations, the importance of the language is becoming significantly more valuable in tourism, commerce, trade and travel.

Photo by José Alexander Bermúdez

  How does the program differ from other teaching methods?
The main objective of El Mundo is to encourage the student to learn the language as
it is spoken in Spain or Latin America. The audio features speakers from different countries providing an opportunity to hear a variety of accents from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Photo by José Alexander Bermudez

 Why does the program use speakers from different countries?
Just as English language accent differ from British and American English, the Spanish language has variations of accents in Spain, Latin America, and other countries where Spanish is also spoken. Hearing these variations is an important step in understanding spoken Spanish.

What response have you had about the book?
We have received encouraging remarks from students who have reported great success and tangible results.



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